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This morning at the SUN-B meeting the following information was discussed which was sent from NY Statewide Senior Action Council for action as described by all advocates.
Your support and VOICE is critical in this matter.
Urgent - Need for Calls on Wednesday, March 22nd  The House of Representatives is planning to vote on their new version of Trump/RyanCare on Thursday, March 23rd.  In addition to all of the other bad things that have recently been added to the bill, the Upstate Republicans have made a deal with the President to require that counties in New York State (not New York City) no longer be required to pay the portion of their Medicaid share - about 25%.  This is a disaster waiting to happen.  
As many of you know, the House of Representatives is very close to a vote on its misguided, unimaginably cruel Affordable Care Act repeal bill. They are likely to vote on Thursday. It is a very close call and with a strong push to New York's Republican delegation, we may be able to stop the destruction in its tracks. Please consider calling members of New York's Republican delegation. You do not have to be a constituent to call - this bill will affect New Yorkers broadly and the decision is in the hands of a select few undecided lawmakers, so they should and need to hear from everyone. Community Catalyst has a script and tool to find legislators below.
I am also including contact information for the offices of key members of the New York delegation here for your convenience:
Use the legislative lookup tool to the right to find the phone numbers for your senators and representative.
Recommended Community Catalyst Call Script:
Good [morning/afternoon]. My name is [NAME] and I live in [CITY/TOWN][STATE]. As a constituent, I am very concerned about the GOP repeal bill and cuts to Medicaid. I ask that [Senator/Representative XX] oppose the GOP repeal bill. This bill would cause 24 million people to lose health coverage by 2026. It would also cut $880 billion dollars from the Medicaid program, wreaking havoc on state budgets.
The repeal bill would hurt working families, children, seniors and people living with disabilities. It would force millions of people to pay more for less coverage by reducing tax credits and increasing our out-of-pocket costs. Our state cannot afford dramatic cuts to our Medicaid program – we need to make sure that our safety net hospitals and vulnerable community members are adequately supported.
We were promised that the GOP’s ACA repeal plan would provide better care, cover more people and cost less. This bill does exactly the opposite. We need a solution that builds on the progress we’ve made in expanding coverage and provides our community with the health and economic security we need.
Rep. Dan Donovan
Rep. Peter King
Rep. Claudia Tenney
Rep. John Katko
Rep. John Faso
Rep. Elise Stefanik
Rep. Lee Zeldin

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